SEO Case Studies

How we used SEO to get our clients ranking high so they could scale.

Case Study: 26k Organic Traffic Added in 1.5 Months

This can be seen as a high level play, very strategic, and very specific. It's a version of programmatic SEO, and can result in traffic similar to the 26,000+ traffic we added for

Case Study: $35,000 in SEO Value Generated in 3 Months is an AI Semantic Website and Document Chatbot, built for all sites, files, documents, and internal knowledge bases. You can build your custom AI in minutes.

Case Study: 100 Monthly Traffic to 1.5k Monthly Traffic in 3 Months

We're now ranked for dozens of keywords in the #1 and top 3 positions, and are now presented as an authority in the market, with a new product in the legal industry.

Case Study: 3X'd Organic Demos Booked In 14 Days

FullSession is a user experience and website optimization tool. In this case study, we'll talk about how we 3X'd their organic demos booked, in just a 14 day span.

Case Study: Ranked #1 In 23 Days

One week later, Google re-indexed Biblioso's site. This launched our content to position #1, within 23 days total. The keywords we ranked for brought Biblioso over 3,500 monthly.

Case Study: 656% Increase In Organic Traffic

From June until August of 2021 we worked, and in 5 months we turned Systimus's traffic around, and started to rank for 331 keywords organically.

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